Welcome to Price Brothers' Garage!

Are you having difficulties with your vehicle? Is your jeep's check engine lite on? Are the tires of your minivan giving you trouble? Does your suspension on your Hyundai Sonata need repairs? You aren't alone. There are many people in Kirkland that go through similar issues every day with their vehicles.

From trucks, to vans, to cars, to any and all automotive needs, Price Brothers' Garage is able to help you get back on the road in no time. Our family owned and operated shop strives to perform top-notch work on any vehicle that comes through our doors. From headlamp replacements to engine overhauls, you can bet that we can do it all.

If your vehicle is rattling around the streets of Kirkland and needs to be fixed immediately, you should definitely give us a call.

Our office and staff will be happy to help you through whatever mechanical issues you and your car may be dealing with.


What We Can Do for Your Car

There are many things that can go awry in your car. At Price Brothers Garage, we are able to fix all of them.
Here is a small sample list of the things that we can do to help you get back on the road.

Your Business Means the World to Us

Our brother Doug was always excited when new customers would come through the door. His legacy lives on through the rest of the shop, where that attitude hasn't changed.

Join the ever-growing number of people that are choosing the Price Brothers' advantage. Our shop is second to none in Kirkland when it comes to your vehicle. We would be thrilled to have you bring your vehicle to our shop so we can show you just what we're capable of.


What You Can Expect from Price Brothers

There are many repair shops to choose from in Kirkland. So what sets our shop apart from the rest? We believe that there are three main things that you can come to expect when you choose Price Brothers' Garage over our competition: Experience, Professionalism, and Pedigree.