Since 1971, Price Brothers’ Garage has been providing top notch service to Kirkland residents. If your vehicle is in need of some TLC, bring it down to our shop. You’ll be glad you did!

Best Service in Kirkland

When your car needs repairs, bring it to Price Brothers’ Garage, Kirkland’s finest repair shop. With 45 years of experience behind us, you can rest easy knowing that your car is in great hands.

In addition to having years of experience fixing vehicles, we can assure you that our technicians are the most qualified you will find in Kirkland. We believe in providing quality service and parts, all while performing our duties professionally and on time. Our staff won’t lead you astray when it comes to your car. We care about your car as much as you do.

Our AAA certified shop features the highest average number of ASE certified technicians in the area. This means that your repairs will be backed by warranty and that they’ll be done by real pros. No matter the make or model of your car, truck, van, or SUV, Price Brothers Garage will be able to make the repairs you need.

What We Can Do for Your Car

There are many things that can go awry in your car. At Price Brothers Garage, we are able to fix all of them. Here is a small sample list of the things that we can do to help you get back on the road.

Diagnostic Services

The diagnostics on your vehicle are essential to keeping the vehicle working properly under all conditions. Today’s vehicles are all computerized, and having a knowledgeable technician under the hood is invaluable. Price Brothers’ Garage has all of the equipment necessary for our techs to perform complete diagnostic checks, emissions diagnostic checks, and computer systems and electrical harness diagnostic checks.

Hybrid Vehicle Services

When Price Brothers’ Garage first opened its doors, they never had to deal with anything but gasoline engines. The exteriors changed and the vehicles became a little more technical, but the fuel remained the same. These days, hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular. At Price Brothers, we’re happy to help you with your hybrid vehicle issues. That includes battery-pack replacement services, which we’re certified to do.

Vehicle Inspections

Drivers want to know what’s going on under the hood of their vehicle. They also want to know that all systems are running smoothly on their car. At our shop, we’re happy to help Kirkland drivers out. We’ll perform vehicle inspections on any vehicle that comes through our shop doors.

Charging & Electrical Service

Is your car not starting? Are you constantly needing a boost from your neighbor? This could mean that you are in need of a look under your hood. Battery issues are common, and our team is capable of solving these issues easily. The same goes for your electrical system. Whether you’re having trouble with your battery, spark plugs, alternator, or the starter, our technicians will be able to help.

Engine Performance Services

When there’s a clunking in the engine, you know something isn’t right. Our technicians at Price Brothers will be happy to check out just what’s going on under the hood of your vehicle. If you’re looking to simply bring in your vehicle for an engine tune-up, we’d be happy to help with that too.

Oil and Lube Services

Sometimes the simplest thing to take care of winds up being the thing furthest from your mind. Oil changes are one such thing. Too many people take oil changes for granted these days. If you leave that oil change for too long, however, you could be in for some major issues with your engine down the line. If you think your vehicle is due for oil and lube services, our shop would be pleased to perform them for you.

Tire Balancing and Repair

If you are having a rocky journey around town, or if you think you’re driving a little more crooked than usual, you may need a tire rebalancing. Our professional team at Price Brothers Garage is able to set you up with a well-balanced setup for your vehicle.

These are only some of the amazing services that Price Brothers Garage is able to take on. Give us a call today to see what else we can do for your vehicle!

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